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  • Help unify the spelling of Liyin’s name! 

    Zhang Yi Lin? Zhang Ri In? Jang Lee Yin? Oh wait, do you mean Zhang Yixing?! No. It’s Zhang Liyin.  It’s quite difficult searching up Liyin for anything when her name is often misspelled. 

    So for her comeback, Chocolyn would like to unify the official spelling/tagging as Zhang Liyin. Not Jang Ri In or  Zhang Li Yin. 

    If everyone could please, tag her name as Zhang Liyin whenever you post photos/edits/gifs of her from this upcoming comeback, and also in the future! This way, it will be easier searching her up, and will spread the word so that her name won’t be butchered anymore.  It would be much appreciated! 

    Chocolates, feel free to reblog this multiple times. Spread the word! 

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